Hunting in Namibia with Schoenfeld Safaris

Hunting in Namibia
Hunters in the endless wide of Namibia

There are lot of reasons why Schönfeld is known as one of the best destinations for hunting in Namibia. Hartwig von Seydlitz in one of Namibia’s pioneers in professional hunting, and exclusive hunting areas with more than 200.000 hectare in total, long time experience in this business, the passion for hunting and guiding combined with a personal and professional service, are the main reasons for Schönfeld’s excellent reputation.

Besides the main hunting area of Schönfeld, we offer hunts in our concessions. These are located in the Namib Desert, in the north of Namibia, and in the area of Kalkfeld. Each hunting area offers unique possibilities for hunting, and a completely different landscape. You can also visit different hunting areas within one hunting trip. Please visit Concessions/ Wilderness hunting for further information.

The 11,000 ha hunting area around Schönfeld is one of the most versatile and best areas to hunt in Namibia today. This is due to the professional and sustainable way of hunting maintained by the owners. As in all of our hunting areas, there is no livestock on Schönfeld.

Hunting is our passion, and we strive for ethical and fair hunting. We mainly stalk our game, and sometimes sit at the waterholes, game trails or at bait. In all cases we focus on a professional and personal hunt with the intention of providing you with an unforgettable hunting experience. The past decades have however shown that many Schönfeld trophies reach the medal class, and SCI-scores. For your hunt and the trophy preparation a team of qualified and experienced guides, drivers, trackers and skinners is available to ensure a smooth hunting experience for you. Quality is of the highest importance and this is why, besides ensuring the professional training for our staff, we carefully service the hunting vehicles, and take care of all the other little details, so your dream hunt does not fail because minor things.

Kudubull in Namibia
Happy hunter with a good Kudubull

Hunting takes place in various terrains, from stalking across plains of thorn-bush savanna, encountering herds of wildebeest, kudu, eland, roan, springbuck, impala and hartebeest, to scaling mountains in pursuit of Hartmann’s zebra, steenbok and klipspringer. You can find more information under Plainsgame hunting in Namibia.

Schönfeld Safaris offers the unparalleled experience of hunting leopard! Team Schönfeld strives to maintain a responsible, sustainable hunt, using baiting and pre-baiting; as a result, the success rate for our leopard hunts is very high. Further information can be found under Leopardhunting in Namibia.

For wing shooters and small game hunters, we offer guinea fowl, francolin, desert doves and desert hare. You can find more information under Small game hunting in Namibia.

Hunting with Schönfeld Safaris will be an unforgettable time for any passionate hunter. Not only the big, old trophies, but also the top service and the familiar atmosphere will make your stay a once in a lifetime experience.


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