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Hunting and travel information

Below we have compiled some important information in order to make your vacation as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Weapons / Arms Imports

If you bring your own hunting rifle, please do not forget to bring your licence for your weapon, should your country issue such a license (the USA is an exception). You will also need a weapons permit, which can be obtained upon arrival at the airport. Customs officers will assist you at the airport, should you need any assistance. Importing weapons to Namibia for hunting is relatively uncomplicated and easy. Only rifles are allowed, as the Namibian government does not allow import of automatic weapons or hand guns for hunting. We will gladly assist you, should you have any questions. Please note Do not bring more than 100 rounds of ammunition into the country and only the ammunition matching your rifle caliber is permitted. A little tip: Weapons and cartridges should be packed separately in order to comply with international safety standards for air traffic. In other words, gun and scope in the rifle case, and the cartridge and ammunition in your suitcase. Please do not carry anything in your hand luggage.

Choice of rifle

We highly recommend you taking a rifle you enjoy and are familiar with. If possible, take the one you are hunting with regularly at home, however do not undercut a minimum of a 7mm caliber. African game is notoriously strong and can take a lot. Caliber options that have proven themselves are 300 Win. Mag 8x57 IS, 8x68 S, 9.3x62, 30-06, 375 H & H Mag. Since the shooting distance is generally between 60 - 150 meters, high speed caliber choices remain secondary to bullet weight. Minimum Caliber for Big-Five (with the exception of leopard) is 375 H & H. Practice makes perfect – a few shots every now on than prior to your trip may save you valuable time and energy in the bush. Should you want to rent some of our rifles, you are welcome to do so: 300 Win. Mag 8x68 S, 375 H & H MAG and 9.3x62 among others are available at a fee.


We will obtain the neccessary licences for the hunter, for the hunt as well as for the export of your trophies. All game hunted in Namibia with a valid permit/license may also be imported under the provisions of CITES to your home country. Targeted species of game should be indicated on the booking form prior to hunt if possible, especially in the case of cheetah and leopard. (There is an exception in the U.S.A., despite Namibian permits/license no importation of leopard and cheetah will be automatically granted to the USA, since no corresponding CITES agreement with the U.S. exists for these species). Leopard may however be imported with special documentation.

Trophies and Hides

We place the highest priority on the preparation and packing of your trophies. Excellent taxidermists for the mounting, tanning, or full mount preparations of your trophies, if you should choose to have them done in Namibia, are available and we will gladly refer them to you. Due to new laws and regulations pertaining to the preparation of trophies, we are only able to do the raw preparation ourselves - which we will do most professionally. Any secondary preparations such as Dip & Pack, as well as tanning, full mounts etc. will have to be done with either by a licensed Namibian taxidermist, or in your home country. Shipping - specialized trophy shipping agencies will handle the shipping on your behalf. The corresponding agents take over the entire customs clearance in your country as well as all Namibian documents pertaining to your shipment in order to guarantee smooth transportation to your doorstep. The shipping agent can also provide you with an in-transit insurance upon request should you wish to have it.


The Namibian bush is very thorny. Rugged, lightweight clothing is therefore the right choice. In our winter months from june to july, temperatures range between 5 -20 degrees Celsius. Pack a change or two of warm clothing along with your normal hunting wear for warm weather. Included in the daily hunting fee is daily laundry service. You will therefore have your clothing washed and ironed daily and will therefore not have the need of an excessive amount of clothes. Do not forget your hat and sun-lotion.


For stalking in the bush, please bring well broken-in, ankle-high boots. These should also be as lightweight and breathable as possible.


A hat is VERY important, but easily forgotten. Please bring a hat (and sunscreen!) for protection against the strong Namibian sun.