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Concessions/ Wilderness Hunting

In addition to our main hunting area, Schönfeld, we can offer you multiple concession areas in different locations throughout Namibia. We offer a variety of experiences at our concessions, for hunters who simply want to hunt different terrain, or different species, as well as for hunters who want to hunt in the classic tent safari style “like Hemmingway”. Our different concessions are located close to the Namib-desert, in the high north of Namibia and around Kalkfeld.



Our associated Farm Okapunja

Concessions in the high north - Okapunja

Okapunja is our partner farm, located close to the famous Etosha National park, and is therefore also an outstanding starting point for photo safaris. Okapunja is a state of the art hunting area, with more than 25 different species to be hunted, and has tasteful accommodation with a safari-african style.

Due to its location in the north of Namibia, Okapunja is much greener than our other hunting areas. Okapunja consists of a mixture of bush lands and savanna. The area is known for big eland and impala bulls, and small antelope, such as dik-dik, duiker, and steinbuck. Furthermore, there are strong kudus, wildebeest, oryx and warthogs to be found here.

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Concessions at Kalkfeld

Kalkfeld in central Namibia, with its dry and vast areas, is known for big warthogs and hartebeests. Very big springbucks are hunted in this concession. You can reach Kalkfeld in less than one hour from Schönfeld, and it is therefore ideal for a daytrip.


Tentcamp at the desert margin of the Namib
Zeltcamp am Wüstenrand der Namib


Our concession at the border of the Namib-desert is our biggest concession, and will provide you with pure wilderness hunting adventures. Our customers will experience a very active form of hunting, with a lot of stalking. You will be accommodated in a mobile tent camp, so we can always stay where the game can be found. Furthermore, we have a fully equipped Land cruiser specially built for this type of hunting available for you. Close to the oldest desert in the world, you can successfully hunt springbuck, mountain zebra, leopard, ostrich, oryx, klipspringer and steenbok. It is an unbelievable feeling to see the Southern Cross from your tent at night, and to be surrounded by the absolute silence of the desert.