Leopard hunting

Leopard hunting Namibia
Successful leopardhunt

Leopard hunting is strictly controlled by the Namibian government, and is absolutely legal and sustainable. Every year the authorities issue a very limited amount of licenses. The amount of licenses is dependent on the size of the hunting area, the estimated leopard population in the area, and the success rate of the hunts in the past years. Together with our partner farm, Okapunja, in the north of the country, we obtain the greatest amount of licenses in Namibia every year. Furthermore, our success rates have been the highest in the whole country for many years. We are especially thankful to our “leopard expert” Erassi, who guides our clients with all his experience and passion for leopard hunting. Erassi is a phenomenal guide when it comes to confirming the presence of a big leopard, the choice of a bait site, and the buildup of the blind. We exclusively hunt with bait for leopards. The bait will be set up at a chosen location before your arrival and controlled daily. The actual hunt will then happen at dusk and dawn from the blind. The minimum caliber for leopards is 7 mm. A scope with a high light transmission is of highest importance for this type of hunting. You can also rent a suitable rifle if you would like to. The prices for our leopard hunts are available on demand. You can receive them by sending us an inquiry to info@schoenfeldsafaris.com