Big leopard taken after an exciting hunt!

by Björn Kilian

Theresa from Canada was able to take this magnificent male leopard on August 18th 2014 on Schönfeld. During the days before the hunt four leopards were taking baits on different locations. We decided to hunt the biggest of the four leopards which had its territory in the mountains of Schönfeld. The big male took the bait regularly during the mornings and evenings. On late afternoon on August 17th there was again a leopard at one of our baits. The guides Hilifa and Stephan von Seydlitz instantly recognized the big male leopard and gave Theresa the permission to shoot.  At 5:42 PM Theresa took the shot with her .308. The leopard made a little movement while the shot went off and the bullet hit a little bit too far behind at the diaphragm.

Darkness was coming in quite fast so the guides decided to track the wounded leopard in the morning. It is a known fact that leopards are the most dangerous of all wounded animals to track but Theresa insisted to take part and help with the tracking.  With first light “Master Erassi”, a phenomenal tracker, Mrs. Place and Stephan von Seydlitz took off to track “him”. They soon came very close to the leopard which was going over a mountain, thick cover and open terrains. After 1,5 km they saw him for the first of multiple times. The cover was so thick that the leopard could only be seen for a split second every time. The leopard even carried out two faint attacks at 15 meters distance in front of the next mountain. After the second attack the leopard jumped onto some rocks and Theresa was able to put a deadly bullet into the animal with a very fast and instinctive shot.


The whole team of Schönfeld-Safaris congratulates Theresa on this amazing male leopard. This exciting hunt had everything you could wish for when hunting leopard in Namibia.

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