Hunting Eland in Namibia

by Björn Kilian

Who doesn’t dream of hunting the largest antelope in the world once in his lifetime? Schönfeld’s  concession, Okapunja, is regarded as one of the best areas in Namibia to experience a successful Eland hunt. This year all 12 Eland hunters could take their mature bulls on Okapunja. We are proud of this 100% success rate, and hope that we can soon welcome you for this hunt of a lifetime.

Okapunja is not only located in one of the best Eland areas in Namibia, but your guide, Stephan von Seydlitz, is very experienced and will do everything to ensure that you enjoy your stay and hunt with him. Together with his trackers, he looks for the tracks and the animals themselves on a regular basis so as to know where to find them and at what times. This excellent preparation and the experienced team make our excellent success rates possible. You will find no livestock on Okapunja, so all the land is available to the game.

Hunting Eland is very demanding. The best method to hunt this elusive animal is to stalk them. Before hunter, guide and trackers start their stalking, fresh tracks will be checked for during the night so hunting can start directly at sunrise. During the stalk the art of tracking, which only comes with years of experience and knowledge about the hunting area, is absolutely necessary. When everything comes together you will take your mature Eland bull. The guides and trackers at Schönfeld and Okapunja have been in the hunting business for decades already, and all their work is about their clients having a successful hunt. This is especially important during hunts as demanding as an Eland hunt in Namibia.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding Eland hunting.

Your Team Schönfeld

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