Hunting magnificent Kudubulls in Namibia

by Björn Kilian

It is not without reason that the Kudu is regarded as one of the most beautiful antelopes in Africa. Schönfeld Safaris invites you to enjoy some of Namibia’s best Kudu hunting. We take pride in hunting big and mature bulls only. Through the vast experience of the von Seydlitz family in the hunting business we can assure you an unforgettable hunt. The combination of selective hunting, and the passion we have for hunting are the best recipe for your perfect Kudu hunt in Namibia. Not only in the heart of our hunting area at Schönfeld but also in our concession Okapunja you will find large bulls.

Our German client Dr. J.B. shot this amazing Kudu together with Stephan von Seydlitz on Okapunja a short while ago. The large spread, ivory colored tips and the outward-turning tips are all signs of a very big trophy. After being to Namibia for the 4th time already Dr. J.B. had the chance to shoot this Kudu of a lifetime.

Dr. J.B. furthermore was able to take a large trophy Oryx. Through selective hunting and conservation we ensure big trophies time after time.

Another mature Kudu was taken by Mr. O.K. just after Dr. J.B. finished his hunt. Hilifa, who is one of our guides on Okapunja, stalked this Kudu together with our client, who made an excellent shot with his .300 Win. Mag. which made the Kudu fall in his tracks after only 100 meters. Looking at this 11-12 year old animal you can see the harsh conditions these animals live in at the Otavi mountains. He only had three teeth left in the lower jaw, the tips are blunt, and the rings at the base are very tight.

We wish you good hunting!

Your Team Schönfeld

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