Hunting season 2013 in Namibia

by Björn Kilian

The Namibian hunting season started on the 1st of February.

For a successful hunt in Namibia we recommend the period from late February / beginning of March to the end of November. From December to March it is summer in Namibia, as well as the rainy-season, and therefore the country is very green. This makes this period a fantastic one for tours and safaris.

The Namibian autumn starts in March/ April. The leaves start falling and the visibility in the bush gets better and better. From June to August our winter takes place and the temperatures are very comfortable. The temperature varies from light frost at night, to 20-25°C during the day. This is also the dry season in Namibia. The period from March to September is an excellent time for hunting. The visibility in the bush is excellent, which also makes this time prime for stalking.

In September/ October the famous acacia bloom takes place. This offers a spectacular setting for both hunting and safaris, as it is the beginning of our spring season. The month from September till November is still very good for hunting, and trails and seats close to waterholes are very promising at this time of the year. Especially if an Eland is on your list of quarry, this is an outstanding time for your visit. 

The end of the hunting season is November 30th.

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