"When Birds Hunt Cats"- Caracal Hunting in Namibia

by Björn Kilian

On the 24th of November, Mr. J. A from Minnesota USA took this grand Caracal (Desert Lynx) with Schönfeld Safaris on the Okapunja Hunting Concession. The P.H. found a Duiker in the bush which the Caracal / Lynx carefully covered with leaves and sand to hide it from Vultures or other Predators such as Leopard and Cheetah who may steal it from the Caracal.

During the early morning hours of the next day the P.H. and Mr. J.A and Stephan von Seydlitz took up the pursuit because Mr. J.A wounded the Lynx the Night before. They could follow the track of the wounded caracal for a few hundet meters, but after a few hundet meters, the track was lost. As a miracle had it, two birds gave it away by making a scene around the Tom.
“Running behind the cat, and following the Birds who unceasingly flew around the cat to give it away, we were lucky to get another two shots at the Caracal giving him a dignified end.
Watching the birds partake in the hunt, was awesome, I am amazed to see these tiny animals having such a deep understanding of what was actually happening. It was their way to get back at a cat.”(Stephan von Seydlitz)

Your Team Schoenfeld

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