On this page you will find some impressions guests from Schoenfeld have had. If interested, we can give you further contact information for our references.



"The hunting experience on Schönfeld is without equal! I have never seen, either in Namibia, or elsewhere in the world, such a complete, well rounded hunting vacation! Hartwig, Stephan, you should be proud of yourselves and your team."

Your Pit


"A successful hunt, a loving family, and the finest hunting vacation that you could wish for! Thank you Team Schönfeld for this dream fulfilled!"

Henry H.


"Schönfeld is like paradise; Do you believe? ! Ivana and I believe. We visited this paradise several times and we will come back again."

Janez and Ivana P.


"This was as close to heaven as you get! Thanks to everyone. God Bless!"

David C. 


"This was my second time here and it will not be my last!"

Erich C. 


"What a wonderful experience. Time was too short. Will be back again! God bless all."

Charls F.


"Thank you for a wonderful hunt, we will have to come again!"

B. S California, USA


"This was awesome, It felt like we were staying with friends! The hunting and the guides are extaordinaire. Thank you to Hilde and Aletta for the wonderful food! You spoiled us! This won't be the last time, I'm coming again!"

Sam G. South Carolina, USA



“Dear Team Schönfeld,

There were great days of hunting, exciting stalks with Erassi and a unique landscape - all of this is embedded in the wonderful hospitality of Stephan, Anja and Esther. Fritz and I enjoyed it a lot and take a lot of memories home with us. Thank you and Good luck! "

Martin D.


 "Schönfeld is a paradise! The time we spent here was unforgettable. The Loving acceptance and care was exceptional. We will be back!"

Martin and Heidi


"An unforgettable hunting and safari holiday along with our son, Christopher, and our grandson, Alexander, is behind us. If we wrote down all the beautiful, good, lovely, happy hours and the exciting hunting experiences we had, the remainder of this guest book would not be sufficient. We felt a part of the family, and enjoyed the warm hospitality, and excellent food, while experiencing the extremely professional and personal hunting guided by Hartwig. His knowledge of the country and people, nature, flora and fauna and the history of the country is impressive. It is a pleasure to be on Schönfeld. We thank the von Seydlitz family and are looking forward to the next hunting vacation on Schönfeld. "

Yours, Dieter and Brigitta


"I can not say enough about the experience and hospitality. Lovely family and friends."

Chuck F.


"This was awesome, It felt like we were staying with friends! The hunting and the guides are extaordinaire. Thank you to Hilde and Aletta for the wonderful food! You spoiled us! This won't be the last time, I'm coming again!"

Sam G.


"We spent 10 wonderful days hunting. Landscape, natural beauty and the many wildlife species, which we have seen on hunt by stalking on foot, by car, and from a hide, have inspired us. The stimulating conversations, openness and security in the von Seydlitz family did us good. Thanks all very much! "

Gudrun & Elmar


Dear Elke and Dear Hartwig,

under the lightly snowing clouds of Münster, I'm still moved by your loving care and hospitality. Jochen is happy about his hunting success and his father is extremely proud! Heidi also sends her gratitude and greetings. With new and old bonds, sincerely."

Your Hartmut & Heidi


"My first hunting trip in Namibia led me to the family of Seydlitz near Omaruru, The contact came over the very attractive booth at the Jagd & Hund in Dortmund, even before Mr. Hartwig von Seydlitz clearly explained and described how the hunt in Namibia would be. I got very detailed and personal attention in May 2012 on farm Schönfeld (with Hartwig & Elke von Seydlitz), and on the farm Lichtenberg/Okapunja (near Otavi, with family Stephan von Seydlitz). Under the professional hunting guide, I managed to take a zebra (Burchell's), a capital Oryx cow, and a big kudu bull. These two farms are known for their winning trophies and so I had the honor from NAPHA (Namibia Professional Hunting Association) to receive a gold medal for the oryx, and for the Kudu I received a field medal. This was the culmination of an exciting and very challenging hunting excursion. Family von Seydlitz and their team dealt with my individual wishes with great care from the beginning and gave me a memorable time. The Seydlitz-Castle is impressive and noteworthy and the accommodation is warm and familiar. To the hosts and their team, I would like to thank you sincerely, and would gladly recommend you.”

Christian H.


"Erassi is a true master! I have to admit that initially I thought he was faking the tracking. We had walked for hours and I had not seen any blood on the spoor of my Kudu. I was tired and wanted to go back, believing I was wasting my time. Erassi thank you for showing me what hunting can be like, thank you for being friendly and polite and sooo stinking GOOD! I kept underestimating you and you kept producing! You made me shine!"

R.T .T Texas, USA


"Fantastic People, Fantastic hunting, fantastic food and accommodation, fantastic everything!" 

Pat N.

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