Social Engagement

Haven Namibia
One of the Haven mothers with two orphans

Hartwig von Seydlitz is the treasurer of Omaruru Children's Haven, an orphanage and charitable organization in Omaruru, Namibia. The orphanage provides a safe home for +-35 orphans and street children, and is involved in other charitable projects, including:



  • A milk project, run in partnership with the local public hospital, designed to avoid the transfer of the HIV virus from HIV positive mothers to their infants through breastfeeding.
  • Support of Hakahana Fatima and kindergarten in the slums of Omaruru.
  • Support of the elderly and needy people in Omaruru, especially grandmothers who raise their grandchildren whose parents have died of AIDS. Through payment of school fees and uniforms, distribution of clothes and meat donations from the Schönfeld Farm.